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Live safe, free from harm!

Never have these words resonated as strongly as now in 2018...


It’s a fantastic idea really, almost strange, to think that you and your loved ones, can live safely in your home with no fear of violence, abuse, crime or threat.


But it’s not such a far cry from what our hearts long for, a life of love, warm emotion, caring and consideration, where people are ‘good’ people and treat others right.


So, bear with me and let’s try and picture this together…

  • Imagine a world where families treat each other right and enjoy the love and respect that comes with that.

  • Imagine a world where your little girls play in the street and are safe from predators.

  • Imagine a world where your boys grow up right, taught to be decent human beings, kind, considerate and strong.

  • Imagine a world where your men do not use their power to prey on women and sexually abuse them.

  • Imagine a world where rule of law exists, and your police and justice systems work for you, keeping you safe and unharmed.

  • Imagine a world where you go to work, safe from harassment from your boss or customers,  and where you fulfil your tasks in a respectful and enjoyable way.

  • Imagine a world where you’re free to travel to exotic and foreign locations and be risk-free in all of them.

  • Imagine a world where your grannies and grandpa’s play with your grandchildren in the park and they’re safe and secure.

  • Imagine a world where your ability to be uniquely you is treasured and valued irrespective of gender, disability, race or color. 


I know that like me, this is the world you want to live in and that it’s a far cry from where you are now.  And, I want to say to you today that it is possible for us to create this. 

And I’m going to tell you how to do it.


But before I do, I want to share my story with you, in case you don't know it.  My name is Anthea, and I’m a middle-aged woman, who during 2001, lost my father to theft, and race hatred, when he was killed in a robbery.  In 2014, I was attacked in my own home by my son, (who was angry and high on drugs), I was set on fire with petrol and beaten on the head with a hammer 14 times.  I survived indescribable violence. 


You can listen to my story here Anthea at MoMonday's in Barrie


So when I say to you that violence can be turned around, ended,  and that harmless living is possible, I want you to understand where I am coming from.  I’m not talking about empty words, book learning or psycho-babble.  I’m talking from real life and the hard-earned experience of having learned how to do this for myself.


  • I understand injustice,

  • I understand what it is to be so angry that you can’t forgive,

  • I know what it feels like to go through the shock and grief of losing those you love,

  • I intimately understand the justice, legal and medical systems and how they can help or fail us.

  • I also know how to move on, accept what has happened to me and use it to create a better future.


So I am also offering you hope today… a better future, a life free from pain, violence, and abuse.


Your event that challenged you so deeply is not the end, you can use it to create a better world for yourself.  We know how!


There are many of us who have experienced violence.  We understand how painful and ugly it is and how much we no longer want to experience it in our world.  So I'm inviting you to come join us and meet some others who have joined me.

  • There is Darcy Patrick, who has overcome self-harm, suicidal tendencies, and depression.

  • There’s Brenda Crompton who has overcome childhood abuse, foster care,  and poverty.

  • There’s Annie Tulk who has overcome LGBT relationship betrayal.

  • There is Denise who understands racism,  and how this affects our marriages and relationships.

  • There is Tracy Schmitt who understands disability,  and how to live undeterred...

  • There are others who have been raped, abused or assaulted and are moving on, and again

  • There is me,  who has gotten past attempted murder, and murder.



We’re real people, who understand real issues today, and are rising up, and joining together to reduce violence in our lifetimes.


Today,  I’m asking you to join us, to take our hand, and sign up as a member of the #NOHARM tribe.  I’m asking you to bring your story and your experience to our forum, and let’s together create a world of #NOHARM, where we “do no harm to ourselves, and we do no harm to another.”


We’re a tribe of people, who are coming together with a dream of forming a strong, powerful membership of healed and healing people.  Heroes who bring good to others around them.


It's never been done before, but as Walt Disney said, “Doing the impossible is fun!”


There are many membership levels.  We do not mind the degree to which you choose to get involved, only that you do! 


We need you and we want you to join us with your incredible story and heart. 


We need you to help us build the #NOHARM tribe.





P.S. As you get involved you might even find that you make some amazing friends here.