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December 1, 2017

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To do #NOHARM. Is there a better way to live?

January 1, 2018

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We face the risk of war in our lifetime!

August 14, 2017


We face the risk of war in our lifetime! The kind of war that will move past our televisions, and find its way into our homes. Its time to stop it!


if you are serious about living your years on this beautiful planet in peace and quiet, I respectfully suggest that you read this and lend me your support.


Violence has no upside, no lessons to be learnt, no benefit to humanity at all. It will only dehumanize, and traumatize us.  It is to be AVOIDED at all cost, both for our own and our children's sakes.


But for this to happen, you and I are going to need to make personal choices.


1          The first choice is to find value.


Value in ourselves: to appreciate all the good that we are, and to build that value inside of us. If we cannot love ourselves we cannot love others - it's the starting point.   Once we find self worth, then we find that place within where we can appreciate differences in other.


2          The second choice is to manage our own responses. 


No matter how dreadful the provocation, the day that we respond in kind, is the day we lose ourselves and all that we stand for. There is rule of law, there are systems to help, but without the personal strength inside to choose morally and courageously to use them, they do not benefit us.  


Violence only forces violent responses till the day that it doesn't.  On the day that someone finds the courage to choose a different response, a different solution - then it stops. Be that courageous person and choose differently!


We are not primitive anymore, left with only two options - "fight or flight." We are reasoning, sane, moral people who have the capacity to choose better for our futures,  and this morning I'm am strongly advocating that. Lets learn from history and not go back to war!


I have already lost my father to murder, and nearly lost my own life to violence, so I do not speak lightly.  Society is facing a crossroads, and it's time to start making personal choices. To respond in kind to violence, to give in to your negative emotions is the wrong choice, as there is no going back after this.  It's guaranteed that it will ruin your current life and your future.


You have to rise above it. You have to deal with your own anger and hate and feeling of injustice; you have to manage your own responses. This is the right choice. 


For good to triumph over evil we have to choose good.  We are not living in a movie scene... this is the real deal. Real heroes are not the gun blasting, grim reapers of death, who dish out their own brand of vengeance - that's the movies, a blend of entertainment and escapism.


This is real life and real heroes cause good to triumph, not face evil with evil!


3          The third choice is leadership. 


Its time to stop waiting for a leader to lead.  Step up yourself and lead.  Be moral, be fair, be courageous, stand for good, stand for life and lead right where you are. If you're old, bring your wisdom and caring to bear, begin to educate. If you're young and zealous, bring your idealism, energy, adventure and compassion to bear.  But make a choice to lead today.  Make a choice that war is not an option in your lifetime!


Value, self-respect, respect for others and tolerance are our strengths, and these represent our personal freedoms.


There has never been a time in our lives when this has been more important.  Choose to value life today, choose to lead!