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December 1, 2017

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November 6, 2017

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To do #NOHARM. Is there a better way to live?

January 1, 2018

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It's a no brainer...#NOHARM!

November 15, 2017


Having experienced violence in so many forms, I have learned painful, personal lessons and drawn an experienced conclusion over 17 years,  that no good comes from it.  It is to be avoided at all costs!


Peace on the other hand...harmless living, a safe, friendly existence,  carries all the benefits in the world.


But is it possible?


At 49 years old, I look forward 20 years into my retirement, and I try to imagine what our world will look like?  


Will I have the joy of a home without walls and burglar bars, a bench on my open porch to watch the ocean at night, and the peace of mind that family, friends and colleagues have not become another statistic?


If things continue globally as is (with unthinking escalation the response to threat, and abuse of people unfettered) then sadly no.  Many other ordinary people will join me in these next few years, in painful lessons and losses, and will also experience that anger and violence is not the answer to our challenges. 


But,  I don't believe it has to be this way.  We are not powerless or helpless as a society.  We still have time and and collectively we have the means to ring in the changes. 


Violence is stoppable, and recoverable!


My appeal to you this morning, as a sober minded, responsible member of society is to pick a different future than the one we are globally, unwittingly, and unresistingly moving into.  Choose to move away from violence,  choose to live a harmless life.   If these are already your values, then connect and start to share them with others...


Do no harm to yourself, do no harm to another. 


Reframe your thinking, rewrite the rule book, but make choices today that will de-escalate stress, anger and hate.  Choose to take the higher road of valuing people, you owe it to yourself, you owe it to your loved ones, you owe it to your country. 


Come join me, link up, work together and lets create a different future for ourselves and our loved ones.  A future without pain and loss.  A future filled with happy memories and peaceful living. 


Join the #NOHARM initiative.


#NOHARM  #Peacefulthriving