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To do #NOHARM. Is there a better way to live?

January 1, 2018

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To do #NOHARM. Is there a better way to live?

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash.


To do no harm to yourself, or someone else.  Is there a better way to live?


Physical, verbal, mental, abuse is a horrible thing. To do it to ourselves is a travesty,  and to do it to others is no way to live. To learn to live without inflicting harm on ourselves or others is the start of a great adventure...


I would like to take some time to talk about the harm we inflict on ourselves, the mental harm that we so easily dish out everyday as we wake up and we start our days. If you want to understand what depression is then understanding self-harm is the key.


Understand self-harm, understand depression

People who struggle with depression think very little of themselves and when they wake up they think “Not another day of the same thing again; I fail at everything I do, I hate myself because of my failures and I will never be good at anything,  etc..” Negative self-talk, and verbal abuse is something we inflict on ourselves when we are in weakened mental state.


We self-talk ourselves to death… because not only do we say these things,  but we will bring up proof from the past, that show these toxic thoughts to be true. This behaviour is purely and simply, mental and emotional abuse.  Over time the effect that this has on you can be crippling and lead to suicide. If we said these same negative things to people we know, it would hurt them and have a huge impact on their lives, it would be verbal abuse.


Some people will actually punish themselves with physical harm for their shortcomings and their mistakes in life. They do it to remind themselves of how badly they did something, or how much of a failure they are.  The list of reasons why people choose to self-harm is long and scary. If we did this harm to anyone around us,  it would be physical abuse and life changing for the person who the act was inflicted on.


Learning to change

Learning that this behaviour is wrong is a hard road to take.  Changing years and years of self abuse, changing who you are,  and building your self esteem so you can be who are meant to be,  is a journey in itself. 


But it is a journey that is rewarding and worth taking!


I struggled with depression and anxiety for 38 years, and now just 4 years after starting therapy, embracing and using the tools I have being taught to use,  I am finally being who I was meant to be. The good things that have happened to me in my life since I made the choice to change my life are mind blowing. The wonderful people I have met,  the exciting directions my life is taking,  I never dreamt of in a million years.


Embrace and be part of #NOHARM

Embracing and becoming a part of the #NOHARM movement is all about changing this harmful behaviour and moving forward with better ways of living life. The good news is that this abuse we do to ourselves is treatable - and it is a very enjoyable treatment!


It is called self love!


Practise self-love

Writing this now I am tearing up. What a simple thing treating ourselves with love and respect is.

  • Learning to acknowledge our negative thoughts, and letting those feelings pass. Learning to do things we love, and to do them with no guilt.

  • Looking back at the past and smiling because you survived that time and knowing that, that same strength that kept you alive, is also the same strength that can change your life for the better!

  • Getting help and stopping the bad habits that we had in life is a sign of strength and power!

To do #NOHARM to yourself and to others is a wonderful way to live.


We all deserve happiness, we all deserve to be helped,  and believe it or not helping other people learn this is part of your own recovery as well!


Your friend in #NOHARM and #Thriving


Darcy Patrick.