Mark Kahts

Operations Director

Anthea’s wide range of life and business experiences, some of it of an extreme nature, qualifies her to guide and coach those willing to listen,  and who are in need of real life,  practically usable support and direction in their personal and business lives.


Coupled with this ‘qualification’, Anthea has also been blessed with the ability to sincerely and digestibly impart her experiences, lessons learnt and path to deep personal growth with individuals and audiences alike.  The articulate and candid, but sensitive, manner is which she communicates her message or story ensures engagement with whomever she interacts with. Anthea also has the ability to listen to and seek an understanding of whomever she engages with, which allows her to relate her specific experiences to the other person’s or the audience’s situation.


I have had personal interaction experiences with Anthea as a work colleague, as a coach in an extremely challenging personal situation in my life,  and as an audience member being inspired by how she dealt with mind boggling challenges during her life’s journey, realising how applicable those lessons and recovery steps are in my own journey.


This lady must be heard!

Cathy Brennon

Ceramic Artist

Anthea Van Der Pluym is a courageous and confident speaker who digs down deep.  She has the capacity to be both engaging and yet objective about all she has been through, and to communicate how the lessons she has learned from her life experiences can be applied to other situations.  Above all she is real about life and how we can best live it. 


I can personally recommend Anthea as an engaging and accomplished speaker and coach who keeps your attention and encourages you to become all that you can in whatever situation you find yourself to be in. One of the most courageous people I have yet to meet and a total inspiration no matter your age, gender or situation.

Jacuis and Brennon Davis

Lawyer and IT Director

It is truly inspirational to listen to Anthea van der Pluym speak. She speaks from the heart and gives the audience an insight into all the lessons she has learnt through her life experiences. Everyone who listens to her will find something that resonates with them and they are guaranteed to walk away feeling inspired, motivated and less alone.

Anthea has an amazing ability to make people feel like she is speaking directly to them – like a personal one-on-one session. She gives hope to people because she is living proof that you can - not only, overcome hardships in your life but that you can conquer them and come out the other side stronger and wiser and achieve happiness in your life.

Theo Krynauw

Founder: Sparklekids

What I love about my friend Anthea, is that she has gone beyond empty philosophy and cheap religion and has connected with a place within that is real, authentic and tested.


She had to!

When you have gone to the level of despair and deep trauma that happened to her, nothing other than digging very deep and finding healing, there, can be of any use. Anthea has connected with that place - and found tools to cope with the worst that life can throw at you.


Please enrich yourself by listening to and hearing Anthea! You will thank me.

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